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In a world where there is growing demand for skilled IT professionals, the key to transforming today’s students into tomorrow’s working professionals is an academic program where students use real-world software tools to complete projects and earn certifications. MapuSoft’s RTOS Simulator for Labs program is causing revolutionary changes in academia by making it possible for students to get an educational experience that directly supports industry requirements and one that was previously never available anywhere.
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“We would strongly recommend any Technical Education Institute to go for MapuSoft’s OS Simulator as it is ideal for educational institutions allowing students to gain experience working on various popular Operating Systems.”
Dr. Prabaharan

VIT University, Chennai Campus

“We were happy to partner with MapuSoft in our Green-Intelligent Transportation Systems project. The OS Changer, OS Simulator and Profiling Tools were essential tools in our infrastructure to
successfully conduct the research project”
University of Waterloo


“Our students gained a detailed knowledge of embedded real-time systems and it has given them an edge over other students. They were placed in top MNC’s and MapuSoft’s MAP program has helped to jump-start their careers”
Sushanta Kumar Mandal

Centurion University

“MapuSoft’s OS Simulator provides us an excellent platform for teaching Embedded Operating Systems and MapuSoft provided an experienced professional to conduct the on-site training of our staff. He was able to answer all our questions and he provided an excellent leaning experience.”

NIT, Calicut

MapuSoft Technologies (MT) is the number one provider of embedded software re-use solutions. Our development platform, AppCOE (Application Common Operating Environment ) integrates all of MapuSoft’s solutions in one host environment for easy porting, abstraction, simulation, testing and conversion.


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